Complete Nusantara Food Recipes

Recipes are a part of a special Resep Makanan contains a collection of recipes from all over the world, information about food ingredients, how to process and other matters related to food. You are welcome to add recipes and how to cook it into Resep Makanan.

Recipes is the dose that is used to make a dish (food & beverage) that has been proven to akuratannya. To be able to make the cook course cuisine (cook) must prepare the materials in advance to be processed into food ready to eat.

In addition to preparing the ingredients, the recipes are also available information and guidelines about how to process the materials that will be cooked, as well as information about how to present the results of the cuisine.

 Bolu Steamed Rainbow Cake Recipes Easy and Simple

After we shared a recipe how to make a delicious steamed brownies, now we will share interesting steamed cake recipe. In order for your child at home who are interested in healthy eating steamed cake of this, then we should make it as unique as possible to attract the attention of your little one.

Steamed sponge cake is already familiar to us, especially now that many are selling steamed sponge in bakeries and grocery seller or a traditional food in the market or the circumference around your residential complex. Resep Bolu Kukus Sponge cake affordable price and can easily make steamed sponge cake as the main target.

Steamed sponge cake is also very suitable served in a large event as special dish. Usually steamed sponge cake served diacara gathering, salvation, and reunion. Quite often mothers make sponge cake kukuks hobby at home.

Bored with steamed sponge cake the only color that's it? You could be the creation of the same color as steamed sponge cake baking cakes. This time we will share recipes sponge cake varied colors like a rainbow or rainbow cool to be more attractive to the audience. Let's refer to Bolu Steamed Rainbow Cake Recipe below.

Materials Bolu Steamed Rainbow:

    500 gr flour blue triangle / versatile
    400 ml of liquid milk, full cream (UHT Ultra)
    375 grams of sugar
    4 btr Eggs
    1 tbsp Emulsifier (eg TBM, SP, Ovalet, Quick, Starkiest, etc.)
    1 tablespoon Vanilla red food coloring, green, blue, purple, according to taste

How to Make Steamed Rainbow Bolu:

    Preheat boiler / klakat for steaming.
    Mix all ingredients in a container and shake for approximately 25 minutes.
    Pour the batter and in some containers, give the dye according to taste and mix well.
    Pour batter evenly alternating color turns into a muffin tin and steam for about 15 minutes or until cooked steamed sponge, expands and chapped.
    Lift and cut to taste and serve

How, make steamed sponge cake made it easy rainbow ?. Learn from How to Make and Recipes Bolu Steamed Rainbow certainly not difficult and fun, and can produce a satisfactory cake. Resep Bolu For those of you who want to try different dishes, we can share recipes Thai-style special to you, he Recipes Som Tam. Good luck in your favorite kitchen, may be useful.

Recipe Pindang Cork The Tasty Fish and Savory

Boiled fish Cork is one of the recipes are very tasty and tasteful at all if you enjoy along with warm rice, besides boiled catfish Resep Ikan Gabus easy to make.

Well for those of you who want to try it yourself make this recipe cork boiled fish, the way that you first used to prepare all the necessary ingredients and seasonings, then you sauté all ingredients Resep Ikan smooth and enter the red chili, tomatoes, lemongrass, ginger, bay leaves and lime leaves until fragrant. Then you enter the cork fish and cook until done. Please see more below

The materials needed to make caramelized catfish:

    Cork 500 grams of fresh fish, then you cut are
    3 pieces of red chili, then you finely sliced
    2 pieces of tomatoes, then you finely sliced
    2 stalks lemongrass
    2 cm galangal, then you crushed
    2 bay leaves
    4 sheets fragrant leaf, then you rough chopped
    500 ml of water
    ½ tablespoon salt
    ½ teaspoon pepper powder

Softened seasoning:

    6 pieces Onion
    3 cm Turmeric
    3 cloves Garlic

Well after you setting up all the necessary ingredients and seasonings, please see how to make this recipe cork boiled fish.

How to make caramelized catfish recipe:

    First you saute all your spice puree, add red peppers, tomatoes, lemongrass, ginger, bay leaves and lime leaves until fragrant.
    Well then you enter the cork fish, and stir until it changes color, add water, salt and pepper.
    Once cooked, then you lift and serve with hot rice.

Well like that the process of making caramelized catfish recipes are very tasty and tasteful at all, please read also other recipes, such as the Resep Ikan Patin and Good luck.

Tilapia Recipe How to Make Fuel

Fuel membut Tilapia Recipe Seasoning Taliwang, Tilapia is one of freshwater fish are much favored by many people both children and adults. Tilapia are processed by burning very suitable to be served when there is a family event or when you're hanging out with your friends. Resep Ikan Nila Tilapia that already has a savory flavor plus taliwang spicy seasonings make this dish is certainly very, very tempting to eat us. Se; ain highway resulting from this grilled tilapia fish, recipes and ingredients diprelukan also quite easy to obtain, so that we do not need attempted effort to present a special menu for the people you love.

In order for our purposes is not widened everywhere it is good we would walk ketopik this lesson on How to Make Seasoned Tilapia Talent Taliwang. Any material and traps are needed, please observe the following article to complete.

How to Make Seasoned Grill Tilapia Taliwang
How to Make Seasoned Grill Tilapia Taliwang
Ingredients to make grilled tilapia:

    1 tablespoon salt
    1 teaspoon lemon juice
    1 tablespoon brown sugar comb
    1 teaspoon salt
    2 tablespoons oil, for frying
    4 tail tilapia, back sides
    250 ml coconut milk

Spices to make grilled tilapia:

    1 teaspoon shrimp paste, toasted
    2 pieces of red chili sauce, grilled
    4 curly red chilies, roasted
    4 large red chilies, roasted
    4 pieces of pecans, toasted
    4 cloves of garlic, roasted
    6 red onions, roasted

How to cultivate grilled tilapia:

    Sprinkle fish with salt first and lime water, let stand for 15 minutes.
    Then saute ground spices until fragrant, add the coconut milk, brown sugar, and salt, and cook until thickened.
    After that, the fish smeared with herbs that have been sauteed, grilled fish SMBIL spread with remaining seasoning until the fish is cooked.

How pretty easy right way Memubat Seasoned Grill Tilapia Taliwang to practice ??? Hopefully this one recipe, you can present a special menu for your loved ones. Do not miss the article about other Food Recipes:

I as the author admits there are still many shortcomings in the present and convey the information above, Resep Ikan Lele therefore I am very, very hopeful that there enter and constructive criticism from readers of all, so that I can fix dikedepannya and I can do better. So hopefully the above information can be useful for all of you who have read it. Thank You.

Fish Pindang Delicious Delicious Recipes

Characteristic of a round shape like a ball made meatballs are known as popular food everywhere. The most common material used is beef, meatballs well this time will be made with a blend of fish, Resep Ikan Pindang mackerel and shrimp. Mackerel fish are fish that have a sufficiently high nutrient content, so these fish often been the subject of fish processed foods.

In addition to advantages in terms of nutrition, taste mackerel as freshwater fish also give another taste sensation, so it is different from other fish, succulent and tender course. Choose white mackerel fish fresh. Moreover, no need enough time to soften mackerel and shrimp which must be peeled first. Easy is not it? Tried yuks.


    300 grams of fish, mackerel, puree
    200 grams of shrimp, peeled, mashed
    3 tablespoons corn starch
    1 egg
    1 leek, thinly sliced
    Salt, pepper, sugar to taste

Softened seasoning:

    3 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
    7 red onions, thinly sliced
    3 red chilies, thinly sliced
    2 cm turmeric, puree

Other spices:

    3 tablespoons cooking oil
    2 cm galangal, crushed
    2 cm ginger, crushed
    2 bay leaves
    3 green tomatoes, diced
    5 star fruit vegetables, cut into pieces
    2 leeks, cut into pieces
    Salt, pepper, sugar to taste

How to make

    Mix all meatball ingredients, mix well;
    Take one teaspoon of dough, round. Boil in boiling water until cooked and floats. Lift and drained;
    Heat oil, saute ground spices, galangal, ginger and bay leaves until fragrant;
    Enter tomatoes, leatherback, green onion, salt, pepper, sugar, fish balls. Cook until the flavors mingle.

Paired with shrimp certainly more add cirasa meatballs, which was certainly tasty and nutritious. Resep Ikan Pepes with warm rice can be a main menu everyday. Well so with the recipe boiled fish balls hopefully you become a fish lover.

Fish Recipes Cooking Soups Gurame

Prepare grilled fish dishes for iftar carp may be a little inconvenient, because you need to prepare a charcoal grill burners and other equipment. But for occasional and pep when breaking fast, it could not hurt a little extra effort to prepare recipes for grilled fish carp family. Resep Pepes Ikan Kemangi Grilled carp itself is very delicious eaten with hot fluffier rice, sauce and vegetables. If you want to be bothered anymore, you can combine them with sour vegetables. Thus was complete set iftar menu a la Sunda.

Among the many species of freshwater fish, carp including the most delicious fish in the meal. Also included are safe for small children, because there are only a thorn carp adi the middle course, the size of the needles was big so that it will be easily seen, and minimize the risk swallowed fish bone. Nutrient content of carp had no doubt. Vitamins A, B1, C, Phosphorus, Calcium, protein, and others, will be very useful providing nutrients during fasting.


    2 tail carp @ 750 g
    2 limes
    4 tablespoons cooking oil

Ground spices:

    4 spring onions
    2 cm ginger
    1 tsp salt

Seasoning topical:

    6 tablespoons soy sauce
    3 cloves garlic, crushed
    3 red onions, puree
    2 tablespoons cooking oil, mix all ingredients


    8 curly red chilies
    10 pieces of cayenne pepper
    1 tsp salt
    1 tomato red
    1 tsp sugar

How to make

    Clean the fish, slice the fish left the right side. Marinate the fish with lemon juice.
    Apply smooth flavor in fish and let the spices to infuse for 15 minutes.
    Turn on the charcoal until it reaches a high temperature, grilled fish until cooked while occasionally smeared seasoning dauber.
    Sambal: chili stir fry all the ingredients, except sugar and salt, until wilted. Puree with sugar and salt.
    Serve alongside grilled fish sauces.

Because it requires little extra effort in preparing, grilled carp fish recipe is perfect served at an iftar weekend. Resep Ikan Gurame When all family members gathered. Burn fish together will certainly be an exciting event for families. Welcome to try this recipe, and if you like it do not forget to share with your peers through social media.

Recipe Spicy Sambal Goreng milkfish

Fish is a fish that is easily found in river waters and fresh lair but due to the development of today also has many aquaculture ponds preserve fish. Fish also hargaunya somewhat more affordable than other fish such as salmon. If you want to know the actual omega contained in fish more than salmon.

Therefore, fish that are rich in vitamins and very high protein useful for preventing coronary heart disease, prevent cholesterol, reduce the risk of hypertension and many other benefits when consumed fish. Resep Ikan Bandeng Milkfish own weakness lies in their spines, thorns aplenty contained in fish. Make a spicy sambal fried fish is easy enough to fry fish with spices and then in the mix with raw sauce spicy it will give the sensation of eating better. Okay so let prepare ingredients in advance.

Material milkfish:
500 grams of fresh fish
3 cloves of garlic
1/4 teaspoon coriander
1/4 teaspoon salt
enough water
cooking oil to taste

Material Sambal:
3 red chilies
5 pieces of cayenne pepper
3 cloves of garlic
1 red onions
1/4 teaspoon salt

How to Make Spicy Sambal Goreng milkfish:

1. Wash and clean the fish to clean, cut into pieces (split just do not cut). Set aside.
2. Create sauces, puree red peppers, cayenne pepper, garlic and onion with a pestle and mortar. When it is rather subtle add salt, and grind again until smooth (do not need to be fried, if you prefer fried chili sauce fried stay using 1 tablespoon cooking oil for a moment and then lift).
3. Make her fried milkfish, spice puree garlic, coriander and salt until smooth evenly, add a little water.
4. Insert the fish into the newly spice puree, baluri and soak up all parts of the fish are well blended. Let stand for 10 minutes.
5. Fried fish with lots of oil using a low heat, fry the fish until golden brown and cooked thoroughly.
6. Remove and serve along with spicy sauce that's been made.

Similarly, milkfish fry recipe makes its own spicy sauce can be sure will taste good and easy and practical to make. Resep Ikan Dori For if less spicy sauces or too spicy can add chili rawitnya suit the tastes and replace the red with red chili peppers curly everything can be adjusted. You can also add some vegetables when present.

Tilapia Fish Fry Sauce Recipes Sweet Acid

Fish is one commodity that can not be separated from our everyday lives, and what's more we are living in a country that is rich in water, especially the ocean.

Basically, the fish already has its own delights in terms of taste, though not processed varied, however, Resep Ikan Nila the natural delicacy would seem to fade, because the level of saturation / bored with the monotony of flavor.

to overcome it, I try to offer one Recipes Fish Fry, who has become a favorite fish is processed Fish Fry Sauce Sweet Acid. advantages of this recipe, will make various kinds of fish and other dishes made became more enjoyable and tempting to use a variation of sweet sour taste. Resep Ikan Mas In the culinary world, freshwater fish among the most widely loved and sought after is carp, carp or tilapia, but on this occasion I specialize to summon Fish Recipes Seasoning Sauce Fried Tilapia with Sweet Acid.

Materials and Seasoning needed include:

    One tail / some Tilapia fish weighing 1/2 Kg, clean up first, give it a few slices on the outside of the fish, then soak them with water mixed with lemon salt for a few minutes (+15 minutes).
    50 ml of water tamarind
    7 red chilies
    5 Tablespoon soy sauce
    1 tsp cornstarch solution
    cooking oil
    and, 50 ml of water
    4 red onions and 4 cloves of garlic that has been sliced
    1 leek, sliced ​​oblique
    1 piece of fresh tomatoes, sliced ​​into sections
    one segment ginger, geprek / crushed
    1 large red chilies
    2 star fruit vegetable

Once all the ingredients are ready, the next step is to start the cooking process, in the following manner:

    Tilapia fry in hot oil Until mature brown, then remove and drain and set aside.
    Saute All the ingredients that have been sliced ​​to emit scent.
    Enter tamarind water, soy sauce, salt, flavorings, sugar, and water and stir until evenly distributed.
    Add cayenne pepper and cornstarch solution, stir again until blended and sauce begins to thicken.
    Enter into Resep Ikan Bakar the Tilapia fish seasoning stir fry before, then stir gently until the fish smeared with spice.
    after Fish Fried Tilapia terbumbui evenly, lift and serve.

In addition to the above, the Creative Mother can also make special sauce so Cuisine Cooking fish or other fried foods taste delicious and fresh.

Recipes How to Make Meatballs Fish Tengiri

Fish balls is one of the popular culinary lately. Fish balls become very popular because it tastes good and the price is much easier than with beef meatballs. Resep Ikan Kakap Although harnyanya under veal meatballs, but it seems no less delicious. No wonder many are wondering how to make fish balls are tasty and delicious.

Meatball recipe mackerel is one recipe that is most desirable fish balls with a reason to get mackerel is not difficult. Therefore, many people are curious and want to try to make yourself at home.

Delicacy recipes make fish balls are also determined from the seasoning fish balls in it. It is also influenced by fish ball soup recipe. Resep Ikan Bawal If the two components of the meatballs and the sauce was tasty, it will create a very tasty fish balls. Okay just see good information below.

meatball recipe mackerel

Fish Meatballs Recipe Ingredients Tengiri
The Main Ingredient:

    1/2 kg of fresh mackerel fish meat and mashed
    125 grams of starch
    3 egg white grains
    50 cc of water ice
    3 tsp cooking oil

Seasoning Ingredients:

    6 cloves garlic puree
    2 std pepper
    3/4 teaspoon flavoring
    1 1/2 tsp fish sauce
    1 1/2 tsp salt

How to Make Fish Meatballs Tengiri

    First enter mackerel fish, egg whites, water ice and whole spice into foodprocessor or blender
    Milled dough until smooth and well blended all
    Add tapioca flour and cooking oil then milled again until well blended
    After the cooking water with low heat and keep the water from boiling
    Print round shaped dough by hand
    Furthermore, boiled meatballs using a large fire
    Wait until the meatballs float, as a sign that has been cooked meatballs
    Remove and drain
    Mackerel fish balls ready to be served with a sauce

How easy is not it? Resep Ikan Tenggiri Good luck recipe how to make fish balls are tasty and delicious. Share this recipe to your friends if useful.

Ikan Bakar Cianjur Delicious Recipes

Friends foodies Indonesia must have been well aware of how the taste and delicacy of grilled fish dishes Cianjur. Yes, one in the Sunda region is famous all with a wide variety of recipes that have been proven Cianjur delicacy tastes, ranging from the Sate Maranggi, cianjur grilled fish, Resep Ikan Pesmol, carp cianjur and others. In addition to the tender fish meat, seasoning grilled fish is indeed typical Sundanese once. From the aroma of grilled fish recipe out of cianjur alone can make a rumbling stomach.

Make friends who happen to live in a big city would easily be able to find resturan and restaurants serving cuisine cianjur grilled fish, such as grilled fish cianjur Fatmawati, grilled fish and other Fatmawati. But of course we have to spend in in order to enjoy the delights of grilled carp recipes typical of this Cianjur. Cheapest solution is to create your own recipe cianjur grilled fish at home. Friends do not need to worry, the way how to make grilled fish and grilled fish cianjur not too hard really. Friends also can process various types of fish with seasoning grilled fish typical of this Sunda region. Moreover, soon the new year. Resep Ikan Salmon Definitely make the event a fish grilled at home with friends and family more fun if we know how to make delicious grilled fish and delicious.

Recipe cianjur grilled fish and fish pesmol cianjur is famous for the delicacy and tenderness of meat guramenya. Not only in the outer skin, the delicacy seasoning grilled fish is felt up to the deepest part. Especially if eaten with soy sauce, certainly guaranteed all be hooked. Instead we buy, the better we make themselves yuk carp this cianjur grilled specialties. How to make it not too difficult really and seasoning grilled fish is also easy to come by. For more details, please see the details below.
cianjur tasty grilled fish recipes

How to make grilled fish recipe tasty cianjur
Materials and Seasoning Recipe Ikan Bakar Cianjur

    Gurame fish are large size, or about 400 grams to 500 grams of 2 tails. Use fresh fish so that the result is padded. Fish can be replaced with tilapia or other freshwater fish.
    Garlic is a great medium of approximately 3 cloves. Peel the skin before smoothed.
    Large red chilies of approximately 3 pcs. Can be added or subtracted according to taste.
    Large red onion medium size of approximately 6 pcs only. Peel the skin before use. If you can use a local red onion for a stronger aroma.
    Coriander grains of approximately 2 teaspoons only.
    Red chili pepper red fruit of approximately 2-3 pcs. Can be added or subtracted according to taste.
    Ginger is a great medium size approximately 2 cm long. If it can burn for a while to make it more palatable when cooked later.
    Lime juice of approximately 2 small spoon or teaspoon.
    Tamarind water of approximately 1 tablespoon.
    Soy sauce thick of approximately 5 tablespoons. Use a good quality soy sauce so that the results are better and legit.
    Salt that has iodine content of approximately 2 small spoons. One spoon to soak the fish and one spoon stir again to mix seasoning grilled fish.
    Cooking oil for frying seasoning to taste the fine (approximately takes about 3-4 tablespoons).

How to Make Fish Gurame Bakar Cianjur

    Rinse and carp or other fish that has been prepared above and dispose of it. Cut into thin strips or slices so that the outer shell fish seasoning grilled meat penetrate the innermost layer.
    Rinse and also all the other ingredients before use.
    Take an oval container (all fish that will be used). Enter the lemon juice and a tablespoon of table salt.
    Soak fish sebantar (for about 15-17 minutes) and back and forth for a while in order to spice really seep into the flesh of the fish.
    While waiting for the fish marinated in lemon juice, puree assorted prepared chili, coriander, ginger, onion, garlic and salt to give a small spoon. Blend all ingredients to stir.
    Prepare a frying pan and add oil to taste. Resep Ikan Goreng Turn on the stove over medium heat and saute small spice seasoning above. Stir stir until fragrant smell tumisannya.
    Enter tamarind water that has been prepared. Stir stir briefly so that the material is mixed with other spices.
    Turn off the stove and put a thick sweet sauce of approximately 5 tablespoons. Stir stir so blended with other materials.
    Brush the fish with seasoning mixture over grilled fish until it is completely flat and all parts coated by the marinade.
    Prepare temmpat burnt and wait for it to be a really hot charcoal embers.
    Grilled carp fuel. Once time is reversed and seasonings overlaid above. Repeat until the fish is cooked through and tender.

It turned out easy right way make grilled fish grilled carp typical cianjur above. Resep Ikan Kembung most delicious when eaten with hot white rice with soy sauce plus made of small diced tomatoes, red chili, cayenne pepper, red onion and lime. Besides suitable for evening events in the new year, this fish recipe can also be used for a variety of other events.

Sauteed Fish Recipes How to Make Delicious Cob

Tuna is one of the fish are made in the most popular menu in Indonesia, the numbers are much danr his nervous that makes all the better good of the children and adults like tuna as dishes. Resep Ikan Tongkol Many people believe that the tuna so be rich in vitamins and protein and fat, one can sharpen the eyes and reduce the risk of high blood pressure, improve intelligence and very aik for the growth of the baby when consumed regularly once a week ..

Although a lot of benefits processing in order to be a good tuna sesusah not you think, does a lot of processed fish or seafood that you can create from making grilled fish, make a fish fry, but the way this one is very different from the one before it is by way of sauteing swordfish with a wide variety of traditional herbs archipelago which characterizes the onion da garlic. Bumbu Resep Ikan Tongkol cob recipes tasty stir in general can easily be found in all the Sunda region, because that would be rich culinary Sundanese dishes of course its not necessary in doubt felt it would be nice and tasty, terterik to make a stir-fry tuna her?

Materials Saute Fish Cob:

1/4 kg of fresh tuna
3 large red chilies
2 cloves of garlic
3 red onions
1 onion leaves (not one piece yes), thinly sliced
1 large sized tomatoes, cut into four parts
2 bay leaves
1/4 tablespoon salt
1/4 tablespoon brown sugar, comb
enough water
cooking oil to taste

How to Make Sauteed Fish Cob:

1. Wash his fish first, then cut the fish into pieces according to taste or can be split into two parts, or according to taste. The next set aside for now.
2. Thinly slice the garlic and onion and red chili nuya first, then heat the cooking oil using a large fire.
3. Saute sliced ​​garlic, onion, bay leaf and red pepper until fragrant beramoma into the hot oil.
4. Enter the pieces of tuna into stir. lanngsung stir briefly and then pour water into it (not too little and not too much, the size of the water being alone).
5. Add tomato pieces and sliced ​​scallions and stir again briefly. give condiments such as sugar and salt, taste correction, if less salt can add his or her salt.
6. Stir for a few minutes until the spices are well blended. Resep Ikan Tuna cook for 5 minutes until the water appears slightly shrink / ebb and pervasive use medium heat.
7. Serve with white rice warm.

Recipe Yellow Catfish Grill Seasoning

Pepes Ikan Patin bad this one uses yellow seasoning ingredients, Resep Ikan Patin but do not use coconut milk in order to feel dry when eaten, but nevertheless it's still good and tasty. .

Taste spicy chili basil plus increased the appetite and it feels like being a hallmark of Sundanese cuisine (West Java), Resep Ikan Gurame but catfish itself is a typical fish in the waters of Borneo.

The Material:

    1 tail catfish, cut into 5-6 parts
    1 tsp salt
    2 tablespoons lime juice
    10 pcs red chili sauce
    2 bunches of basil leaves, picking daunya
    banana leaf

Ground Spices:

    6 pcs shallots
    3 cloves of garlic
    5 pcs red chilli
    2 cm turmeric
    2 cm ginger
    4 btr hazelnut
    2 tsp salt

Seasoning Iris:

    3 thinly sliced ​​lemongrass stalk
    3 bay leaves, cut into 2 parts
    2 pcs red chilli, sliced ​​thin oblique
    3 pcs green peppers, sliced ​​thin oblique
    4 cm galangal, sliced ​​thin

How to Make Basil Seasoning Pepes Ikan Patin Yellow Fuel:

    Sprinkle fish with salt and lemon juice, let stand for 15 minutes.
    Mix the fish with spices, stirring gently until blended. Add seasoning slices, chili and basil, stir again until blended.
    Take 1-2 pieces (to taste) banana leaf, put 3 pieces of catfish, add the remaining seasoning, Resep Ikan Bakar wrap rice cake shape, tied with banana leaf fiber or pinned with a skewer.
    Steam the fish for 30 minutes, or until fish soak into the seasoning.
    Spiced grilled catfish are still wrapped in banana leaves on a fire to dry leaves.
    Serve while warm.

Recipes How to Make Seafood Gurame

Carp soup is a type of soup that fry dishes fresh and with a delicious taste to aroma in the meal especially if the aroma is added to the leatherback and basil aroma that smells amisnya be lost. Resep Sop Gurame Or can be added a little lemon. Carp soup cuisine is widely encountered in various places such as the diner-style restaurants Lesbian and fishing.

The carp soup is very tasty and refreshing he like to eat vegetables clear soup but carp soup is now very popular and became the special menu though a portion at a price tag that is quite expensive. Resep Sop Tulang Well for those of you who also love the carp this kind of cuisine you need not worry because you can just make it at home with the recipe that we give you this. Here's the recipe on How to Make Seafood Resep Sop Sapi The Delicious Aroma:

Material principally:

    1 bunch basil leaves
    1 tomato, sliced
    1 tsp seasoning
    5 pieces of cayenne pepper
    2 limes
    1 tsp margarine
    1 head of carp
    750 ml of water
    1 tsp salt

Iris seasoning it:

    3 cm ginger
    2 pieces starfruit / vegetable
    1 onion
    2 cloves garlic puti
    3 red onions
    1 leek
    2 cm galangal


    For the first step siangi fish and wash thoroughly, lalun cut 3 or 4 parts or appropriate according to taste. And coat the fish with lemon juice and salt to 15 minutes, then wash and drain.
    The next step boil water and add all the spices slices, and add salt and seasonings and cook until boiling. Then enter the fish and cook until it changes color. And then put tomatoes, basil and chili rawitnya, complete, close a few moments until done.

Well from the above way is how to make it. For those of you who want to make you too can make the steps listed above and hopefully this can help your home in cooking and making other recipes as well. Okay with so end of our discussion of Resep Sup and AKMI also still have other prescription and less delicious like Shellfish Sauce Recipe How to Make Padang The Spicy.

Recipes How to Make Delicious Soups Savoury Catfish

These catfish soup made of catfish. Catfish is a freshwater fish, live in rivers, swamps, lakes and ponds. Resep Sop Ikan Patin Catfish is almost similar to the catfish because both mmiliki mustache. Now catfish into a fish that has economic value, and catfish also be one type of fish that is favored by lovers of culinary fish. Catfish meat is quite tasty, so catfish besides often processed into boiled and goulash, Resep Sop Saudara catfish are also very suitable as a soup with a tasty clear broth.

In addition to having good taste catfish are very good for our bodies because the nutrients contained in catfish very much. Such as omega-3, oleic acid, unsaturated fats, as well as many more. So in addition to tasty catfish are healthy. Very well suited to be a family lunch menu. Resep Sup Tahu Not only used as a soup catfish but can also be a recipe dikreasikan Spicy Catfish acid. Here are the steps to make soup catfish.


    500 grams of catfish
    800 ml of water
    4 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
    2 stalks lemongrass, crushed
    5 lime leaves
    2 bay leaves
    9 pieces of cayenne pepper
    5 pieces of red onion, thinly sliced
    3 green tomatoes, sliced ​​into 4 parts
    2 tablespoons lime juice
    2 cm turmeric, crushed
    2 cm ginger, crushed
    1 tsp sugar
    salt to taste

How to Make Fish Soup Patin

    Cut catfish into several parts, Samai wipe clean and coat with lime juice. Let stand for 15 minutes
    Boil water to a boil. Enter chili, onion, garlic, turmeric, ginger, lemongrass, bay leaves and lime leaves.
    Once the broth fragrant, enter catfish, add salt, sugar and green tomatoes
    Once the fish is cooked, remove from heat and serve

When composing catfish soup recipes you can add a few leaves of basil. Enter ekmangi leaf 3 minutes before the appointed fish soup. So catfish soup will be more fragrant with basil. Cara Membuat Sop Serve the soup catfish while still warm, can be eaten with a plate of rice or with rice cake. Such information may Recipes distributed to you in this post. May be useful for all of us.

Recipe Soups Vegetable Macaroni Specials

Vegetable soup specialty is macaroni salh the typical dishes such as macaroni archipelago where materials will be the key ingredient for this soup. And maybe some people, Resep Sup Makaroni some have not tahau about this delicious soup. However, over the age of this soup gradually more and more in the know people until now this soup many are made in the main course when there aca receptions or reunions together and this soup also contains many nutrients that much you know. This soup is also a way for him also not so hard, her manner similar to the soup that usually only different materials. Resep Sop But for those of you who are curious about this soup do not worry as we will discuss later this soup. And then there's the recipe is easy and practical to be made uduknya rice recipes.

And if the previous menu only rice no longer complementary, menu one can make a complement of coffè or yellow rice also tablets, namely Soups Vegetable Macaroni Special. This soup dishes you can make easily and practically combined with that we give to all of you. Resep Sop Ikan With simple ingredients and spices you need to prepare below. Okay guys let's see the recipe wrote about Macaroni Recipes How to Make Vegetable Soups Specials:

Seasoning ingredients and major Soups Vegetable Macaroni:

    Provide 100 g cauliflower, cut into florets per, blansir
    Provide 50 g macaroni, boiled until half cooked
    Provide 1 carrot, diced, blansir
    Provide 1 bunch green vegetables, cut into 1/2 cm
    Provide 1 liter of broth
    Take 5 tablespoons of frozen peas
    Provide 1 stalk celery, connective
    Take 1/4 teaspoon pepper
    Provide 2 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
    Take 1 teaspoon salt
    Provide 1 leek, sliced ​​oblique
    Provide 1/4 tsp sugar
    Take 1 tablespoon fried onion
    Provide oil for sauteing.

How to make Macaroni Vegetable Soups:

    For the first step to cook Soups Vegetable Macaroni is you heat the cooking oil for sauteing garlic until fragrant.
    Then pour the broth and bring to a boil.
    And then you put the macaroni along with other ingredients such as carrots, cauliflower, frozen peas, and green vegetables.
    The next stage you must use the season with pepper, seasoning salt, and sugar to produce the right flavor.
    Then again you enter the next stage leeks and celery, and cook until all ingredients are cooked.
    And the last lift and recipes Soups Vegetable Macaroni ready to be served with a sprinkling of fried onions on it.
    Done serve this dish with warm.

Okay friends that earlier steps and ways for him. How is quite easy and practical right? Well now you can make it as we give this recipe. And you try at home patiently and carefully so that food can be perfect. When you are finished you can also serve this dish at your family home. Resep Sop Ceker Okay so the prescription of all prescriptions serving dishes and drinks will always be present and we will always tell you all the recipes in the home in order to allow you to cook. Furthermore, still with us because we still have a good recipe and special like pancakes Cheese Recipes How to Make Delicious Specials. Okay guys good luck and keep the spirit continues. Thank you and so.

Simple Sweet Corn Soup Recipe

Corn soup is a healthy food that is much favored by all people. Resep Sup Jagung These foods taste sweet memilimi accordance with basic materials such as corn or sweet corn vegetable. Corn soup turned out the food was very good for health because corn soup is useful to prevent the flu and fever, especially in children. How to make corn soup is also very practical and simple also does not require a long time for the manufacturing process. Resep Sop Konro Corn soup can be enjoyed when the weather is cooler because these foods can warm the body. Corn is also a carbohydrate-containing foods that can be used as staple foods as corn can be filling the stomach. Here is a simple recipe to make corn soup.


    2 pieces of sweet corn or corn vegetable (finely combed)
    1 carrot (diced small)
    2 eggs (beaten off)
    2 teaspoons flour meizena
    1 small onion (finely chopped)
    2 cloves garlic (finely chopped)
    1 stalk scallion pods (thinly sliced)
    1/4 teaspoon ground pepper
    salt to taste
    sugar to taste
    oil for frying to taste
    enough water

How to Make Corn Soup:

    meizena flour dissolved in a little water, set aside for a moment
    saute onion and garlic in a little oil until fragrant
    enter sweet corn and carrots, stir until half cooked
    pour water into the pan-fried corn, corn and let stand until the carrots are tender
    add pepper powder, sugar, salt and onion peas, stir
    enter a pat solution meizena and beaten eggs and stir until thickened and cooked
    manguk pour into soup and ready to be served

Sweet Corn Soup recipe savory can make you become addicted, so you want to try again at another opportunity. Resep Sop Kimlo Sweet corn soup is very worthy for you to feel, good luck.

Recipe Soups specials cow

Recipe makes ribs soup became a favorite of foreign tourists because of the sense that this cuisine is very good, Resep Sup Iga Sapi they assume that the beef that is stuck between the ribs is the best meat, meat that has a texture that is very tasteful too soft for dining. Actually not only from foreign tourists who love the country ribs soup, many Indonesian people also like it but the price is relatively expensive to make these dishes can taste only by people who have pockets thick enough, but not impossible you can not at all be able to taste this delicious ribs soup, as I also have a mediocre bag has its own way of making soup ribs with his own hands, Resep Sup Kacang Merah so the right to make their own already definitely tuh relatively cheaper because they do not have to taxable ( hehehehehe sekarangkan so completely tax sist).

Ribs soup is usually served with assorted vegetables contain many vitamins that are good for our bodies, so there will be balanced between vegetable and animal that we can from this food, Resep Sup Kambing I just write the recipe down from the strong do not you guys later nahan laper curiosity you neighbor recipe I mentioned above.
ribs soup

Materials Make Iga Beef Recipes

    1/2 Kg ribs (which no meat ya sis)
    5 carrots stem (roughly less than 1 kg lah)
    Potatoes 5-6 pieces
    2 leeks
    Sledri leaf (2 sticks)
    Enough water for soup
    Cooking oil to saute spices

Seasoning Sop Iga

    Ginger approximately one to two segments (in puree)
    Cardamom 3 point
    Nutmeg ¼
    Cinnamon is approximately 3 centimeters
    4 cloves garlic sebanayak
    Red onion 6 cloves
    3 cloves rod

How To Make Or Cooking Sop Iga Sapi

    First we have to do is wash the new ribs we buy then we cut ribs suit individual taste
    Once the meat is washed and boiled beef ribs until cooked and tender meat is approximately 1 hour in boiling was to get stuck in the ribs meat becomes tender
    After we lift dang padded waterproof new back then we boiled meat that has been cooked earlier
    During the ribs being boiled should we prepare other condiments, namely smoothing marinades, our first red and white onion puree and then we sauteed with ginger until fragrant then we enter cardamom, cinnamon and clove
    Put spice stir-fried before being added to the pot boiling ribs and beef
    Put nutmeg, salt and pepper into dishes along with pieces of potato and carrots you shape according to taste
    after the ribs soup is ripe time for us to sprinkle pieces leek and celery leaves

ribs soup is very tasty dishes served at the time was still hot, and also served with dried chili sauce a little too sweet.

Recipes How to Make Fresh Fish Soup

Recipes How to Make Fresh Fish Soup Gurame, Carp that we encounter biyasanya processed dried or processed into fried carp carp cryspi. Resep Sop Ikan This time I will be a little share recipes where the carp are used as a way of processing the soup. The taste of carp that have a high taste and also coupled with a soup or sauce in which besides savory course also fresh, which of course will increase seleramakan for anyone who eat this soup carp.

In order for our discussion this time is not widened everywhere it is good we just entered ketopik Resep Sup Merah our discussion this time about How to Make Fresh Fish Soup Gurame. Please observe the following are the ingredients you need to prepare and also steps in the making.

Ingredients to make soup carp:

    1 tail carp
    2 limes
    750 ml of water
    1 tsp margarine
    5 pieces of cayenne pepper
    1 bunch basil leaves
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 tsp seasoning
    1 tomato, sliced

Iris seasoning to make soup carp:

    3 red onions
    2 cloves garlic
    1 onion
    1 leek
    2 starfruit fruit / vegetable
    3 cm ginger
    2 cm galangal

How to cultivate carp soup:

    Siangi fish and wash them clean, cut into 3 or 4 sections according to taste. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice and salt to 15 minutes, wash and drain.
    Boil water, put all ingredients slices, add salt and seasonings and cook until boiling. Enter the fish, Resep Sop Daging cook until it changes color. Stir in the tomatoes, basil and cayenne pepper, cover a few moments until cooked.

How easy enough not How to Make Fresh Fish Soup Gurame to be practiced at home ??? hopefully the mother-housewife can always serves special dishes for your loved ones forever.

I, as the author admits is still a lot of shortcomings in the present and convey information by karen aitu above me very, Resep Sup Buah very much hope that there krtiikan enter the building and from the readers of all, order dikedepannya I can fix it and I can do better. So hopefully slightly above information can be useful for all of you who have read it. Thank You.

Recipes How to Make Delicious Oxtail

Oxtail Soup Recipe How to Make Fried Yang Enak And Warm, is one of the culinary offerings were also very good and many are like this cuisine. Resep Sop Buntut The oxtail soup is famous for its culinary offerings are a bit expensive but good to eat. To get this you oxtail enough to market to buy no longer intact and some are already peeled and cut into pieces until you are just ready to boil.

Okay for those of you who also love the cuisine, this soup is also very suitable for those who also can increase stamina when you are tired and your activity was also still able to meet these dishes in different parts of the area included in the simple food stall and also in the restaurant. Resep Sop Iga And this time we will discuss the recipe for Oxtail Soup Recipe How to Make Fried Yang Enak And Warm. Here's how:
tasty fried oxtail soup recipe

Staple to make fried oxtail soup:

    3 leeks
    Oil for frying
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 tomato
    250 grams of potatoes
    2,000 ml of water
    1 tbsp cooking oil for sauteing
    2 cm ginger, crushed
    750 grams of oxtail
    1 tsp fried onions
    200 grams of carrots
    2 stalks celery


    ¼ teaspoon nutmeg
    ½ teaspoon pepper
    ½ tablespoon soy sauce
    1 teaspoon salt

Ground spices:

    2 cloves garlic
    ½ tsp salt
    6 red onions
    How to make fried oxtail soup:
    For the first thing boiled oxtail, and after the boil then reduce the heat
    Furthermore, add the ginger and salt
    Then cook until soft and the broth oily tail
    And set aside the aftermath of broth
    Furthermore, strain the broth and add hot water until it reaches 1500 ml
    The next step saute ground spices with 1 tablespoon oil and add to the pot of broth
    Then enter the carrots and potatoes. And after the tender put tomatoes and leeks are also celery
    Okay pending broth cooked, the sequel we can greasing oxtail broth that has been separated from the material olesannya. Cara Membuat Sup Jagung Then let stand until cool, until then newly fried and served with a very tasty sauce broth.
    Okay finished presenting this delicious dish.

And that was about how to make and you can also make it with the recipe above and just follow all the steps.

Bolu recipe steamed beautiful rainbow colors

Recipe how to make a rainbow cake steamed sponge beautiful rainbow colors are articles that I post on this occasion and is still about culinary usually often desirable, especially at times of great days ahead as the Eid al-Fitr.

This article can be said to be complementary of previous article are still discussing about the culinary Eid with the topic of discussion regarding Eid recipe dishes the most popular all-time favorites. Resep Bolu The reason why I chose the title as it is because it is dish-dish is very typical of emerging as the Lebaran.

Well, before you try the recipe how to make a rainbow cake steamed sponge pretty colorful rainbow this, you may want to add to your reference by reading the practical beautiful Eid cake recipe is simple and easy to advance. Cara Membuat Bolu Kukus Pelangi Eid cakes articles Recipes pretty practical and simple is an article that presents recipes pastries Lebaran direct you can try at home.

Unlike the Lebaran cookies, cakes or steamed sponge cake rainbow rainbow that was kind of wet cake that can not last long. Nevertheless, the appearance of a rainbow cake is very beautiful and very tempting your appetite. Confectionary called rainbow steamed sponge cake or rainbow colors is one of the wet cake which is currently the most popular with the public.

The price is quite expensive, which ranged between 25-50ribu / piece depending on the flavor and color. Cara Membuat Bolu Keju Well, than you are constantly buying, why not make it alone ?. What are the materials and tools needed to make a rainbow cake and how also how to make it ?. This article will review the process of making a complete rainbow cake. And this is how to make a rainbow cake recipe:

The main ingredients of Rainbow Cake:

1. Prepare 250 gr flour
2. Then prepare also 350 grams of sugar
3. 10 eggs
4. 75 ml melted butter
5. 1 teaspoon vanilla powder
6. 1 teaspoon salt
7. 1 teaspoon emulsifier (Emulsifier or emulsifier is a substance to help maintain the stability of the emulsion and helps soften the mixture of sugar and eggs). You can use several brands such as ovalett emulsifiers, baking soda or other alfagell.
8. Do not forget to also provide a variety of food coloring in red, yellow, green, blue, purple and orange with a sufficient dose

How to make a rainbow cake:

1. First of all whipped egg mixed with sugar until the dough is smooth. Then pour it slowly sprinkle emulsifier vanilla powder and salt. Shake continues to batter the eggs and sugar until fluffy look. To be able to make the perfect dough, you need a mixer to stir.
2. Take a few tablespoons of dough and place on a small container like a bowl or a plate, put the butter and flour little by little, then stir until well blended and set aside. Create up to 6 sections of dough with various colors using food coloring.
3. Use the pan with a diameter of 24 cm. Then steamed dough for approximately 20-25 minutes, remove and let cool.
4. Arrange the steamed sponge with a desired color according to taste. Give a thin smear of Buttercream (see the making buttercream cake under a rainbow after manufacture), stacks and give spread buttercream.
5. Cover all outer cake with buttercream until evenly
Give ornaments as a sweetener. Cara Membuat Bolu You can add cherries, raisins or strawberries or candy on topping his part to make it look more beautiful.

Recipes Bolu Steamed Banana Soft

As we all know, there are several kinds of steamed sponge recipe variations that we know in Indonesia. As well as the delicacy and softness of the texture of the cake, sponge cake is also quite easy to make it. One variation of sponge cake recipe is quite popular is the recipe Bolu Steamed Banana. Resep Bolu Cake As the name suggests, banana sponge cake is actually the process is the same as how to make a cake that is unusual, but added with a mixture of banana banana banana cake makes a soft sponge has a unique flavor compared to the sponge cake and other types of banana cake.

Bolu recipes Banana by steaming it probably is less popular than the baked cake recipe or another type of steamed sponge. But if the problem flavor, banana cake, you know this is no less delicious than the other brother. In addition to well suited for tea or coffee, cakes are also often used for dishes when there is an important event, such as weddings, Resep Bolu Pisang birthdays or when there is an event meeting in the office meeting. Therefore, in addition to enjoy themselves, in fact if friends can make steamed banana cake itself could be a new culinary business opportunities to supplement the family income. Or friends can be sold in small pieces and then deposited in a small stall stall near the house.

Actually, from bananas that we will use itself is sweet, but still we need the sugar in order to fit the sweetness of this steamed banana cake recipe in our tongue. If friends really like the taste of sweet, sugar composition which we give below can be added according to taste, but not too much so that the results so banana cake banana cake recipe is not black and charred. For delicious results, we recommend friends using ripe bananas well and also basically sweet taste, such as plantain or banana.
Bolu Steamed Banana Recipe
Recipes Bolu Steamed Banana Soft

Other types of real bananas can also be used in a way makes this banana sponge cake, but the results will not be as soft as using both types of bananas above. Before use, the bananas will be used to make her steamed banana cake recipe should really have been smoothed so that the texture is really soft sponge cake kukusnya when finished. In addition, the flour used to be really smooth so that the dough later mixed with average and there are no lumps. Resep Bolu Panggang Usually when we buy flour already feels really clean and smooth, but so sure of flour should be filtered or sieved before use. For more details, silahakan see detail how to make a banana cake steamed below.
Ingredients Recipe Bolu Steamed Banana Soft and Soft

    As the name suggests, this sponge cake recipe using good quality bananas are ripe or less as much as 6 pieces. We recommend using plantain or banana that has been cooked well so that the results are more legit and delicious.
    Good quality butter of approximately 6 tablespoons. Melt the butter and melted by heating before it is mixed with other materials.
    Smooth vanilla or powder of approximately four small spoons.
    Wheat flour having a protein content was approximately 200 grams. Filter beforehand flour used to make her steamed banana cake recipe in advance so that later adonanannya really tercapur perfect and tender cake up into.
    Smooth chocolate or powdered good quality of approximately 40 grams.
    Vanilla powder of approximately 4 teaspoons so that the results be more fragrant cake.
    Baking powder good quality of approximately 2 small spoons or teaspoons.
    Large-size chicken egg of approximately 4 item only.
    Iodized salt to taste or approximately as much as 2 seondok tea.
    Great granulated sugar (not smell of sugar cane) of approximately 200 grams. Sugar can be increased or decreased slightly to taste.

How to Make Bolu Steamed Banana Gentle

    Puree first plantain or banana that's another really used until smooth. Friends could use a fork or spoon. Can also use a small blender but should really clean during the process of making soft bananas from blendernya.
    Melt butter in a manner preheated so easy to be mixed with other dough ingredients.
    Take a container large enough then enter the sugar and eggs one by one. Whisk both the material and add the eggs one by one after mixed with average and expands.
    Enter cocoa powder, iodized salt and flour and stir stir again terigunya hinga average and really mixed perfectly with the other ingredients.
    Enter vanilla and baking powder and stir powdernya stir again until it is completely flat.
    Enter the bananas that have been destroyed and previously softened into the batter and stir stir over again until it is completely smooth.
    Enter the melted butter that has been previously into the container over the dough and stir stir again until it is completely blended.
    Prepare a baking sheet and coat with a little butter so that is not sticky to loyangnya.
    Pour the mixture over medium heat and steam with small to really mature until at drawing this cake (check using a stick to determine the level of maturity of banana sponge cake kukusnya).

How do friends how to make banana steamed sponge above? Quite easy and simple is not. Resep Bolu Gulung To beautify the look of steamed banana cake recipe in the table dish, top of dough can be added with little tiny banana slices sprinkled on a sponge cake batter kukusnya after put in the pan but before going inside the steamer that had been prepared. In addition to strengthening the fragrant aroma of banana or plantain is used, the addition of banana topping it also makes more tempting cake flavor and sticky so get into our mouths.

Bolu recipe caramel Like Home Ants Nest

Judging from the color, the cake on this one probably is not too attractive. Black color that certainly makes a lot of people assume that this is a caramel cake cake charred. But when I tasted it, certainly many who are craving the delicious caramel flavor sponge cake is legit and delicious. Resep Bolu Pandan Its texture is also gentle enough to display its perforated hole in the middle, like a nest of ants that can be enjoyed by all ages. There are some caramel cake recipes that we know, like caramel steamed sponge, sponge NCC caramel and toasted caramel fur. This time we will give you how to make delicious baked caramel cake is easy.

There are several kinds of sponge cake recipe variations that we know, like recipes sponge tape, pandan cake, steamed sponge recipe, recipe pandan cake, cheese cake, banana cake and others. But coincidence for me personally, baked caramel cake recipe anthill is one of the excellent my childhood. Resep Bolu Karamel The taste is really legit and tasty and of course the texture is soft enough it can make people who've never tried it so addictive. Usually my family used to make sponge cake is baked in a pan at the same time, so they can be distributed to other families and neighbors near the house and most of them praise the taste of our family-made specials.

Make friends who do not like to cook, how to make cakes baked caramel is quite simple really, so no need to worry about it later not be a cake or sodden. Indeed, there are several steps the selection of materials and tips that should really be considered so that the results of this successful recipe caramel cake with success. Use really fine flour and flour should be used in the filter or sieve in order to really smooth. In addition, use white granulated sugar, Resep Bolu Kukus do sugar cane yellow because its aroma is stronger and noticeably later. Besides baking pan or cookie cutters to be used must be really clean and coated with margarine and sprinkled with flour beforehand so as not sticky. The most important is the process of making caramel should really be careful so that the result is perfect and the center of the cake deepest holes perforated like a nest of ants.

    Like making steamed sponge recipe, recipe this time also using wheat flour has a protein levels were approximately 200 grams. Do not forget the sifted flour beforehand so really smooth.
    Good quality white sugar of approximately 500 grams to make caramel.
    Clean hot water to make caramel taste (less need about 500 ml).
    Large-size chicken egg as much as 8 pcs.
    Cornstarch good quality of approximately 100 grams.
    Good quality baking soda of approximately one teaspoon.
    Margarine good quality of approximately 130 grams. Beat the margarine and stir with a spoon until the butter circuitry soft and not hard.
    Baking powder approximately as much as a small spoon or teaspoon.
    SKM (sweetened condensed milk) good quality of approximately 200 grams.
    Iodized salt by about half a small spoon. Can be added or subtracted according to taste.

How to Make Baked Caramel Cake Bolu ants nest

    The first step is to make the caramel, which will be mixed with the dough bolunya.
    Prepare the pan to make it, you should use a skillet with nonstick Teflon coating so.
    Add the sugar white sand that has been prepared with a small fire. At all times stirred the sugar until the sugar turns into a brownish color and liquid.
    Enter the hot water that has been prepared on top and pour into Teflon skillet. Stir stirring so that a solution of sugar caramel blended with water and melted then remove and let cool (less need about 600 ml).
    The next step is to make her cake batter. Take one place rather large. Enter sedangnya protein wheat flour, cornstarch, baking soda and baking powdernya.
    Stir stir all ingredients until it is completely blended and filtered or sieved in order to really smooth.
    Take one more place is rather large and enter the chicken eggs that have been prepared and salt beryodiumnya. Stir stir and shake loose the above ingredients to taste until it thickens (do not need to use a mixer).
    Enter mixture of flour and other ingredients into the container over the beaten egg above. Enter little by little, stirring stirring so that all ingredients are well blended until exhausted.
    Enter the butter is already dilembekkan over into her little by little sambik stirred sampi really flat and exhausted.
    Enter sweetened condensed milk approximately 200 grams are already prepared above.
    Enter caramelized sugar solution that has been created in the first step into it and stir until caramel tercamur stir again flush with Karemelnya sponge cake batter.
    Prepare oven to bake and turn on the stove over high heat.
    Coat a baking sheet to be used with a little butter and sprinkle flour on it so as not sticky.
    Pour batter into it and insert it into the oven grill to high heat.
    Wait until the dough is slightly undercooked (sign sponge cake batter was somewhat inflate and rise) and then reduce the heat and continue to bake until it is completely cooked (for about 43-50 minutes).

How do friends how to make caramel Bolu Bake above? It may seem pretty hard but when the friends had tried it was not too hard. Cara Membuat Bolu Once the cake baked, do not immediately cut. Wait until the cake cool and then be cut pieces according to taste and served.

Bolu Recipes Baked Brown

You must have already been dong eating food Yang Delicious Chocolate Cake Bolu this? Surely already dong, certainly the mothers and these ladies love to cook this homade Bolu artificial Brown. Resep Bolu Cokelat Who would not be happy if we made Bolu Brown Bake this simple but soft when bitten ..... yummy !!

How to cook Baked Chocolate Cake Bolu is very easy to get really friends. Special Baked Chocolate cake Bolu is the most fitting accompanied when friends come to visit, or you could even reward to his girlfriend. hiihiihi ...Listened to just yuk How to Make a Simple Baked Chocolate Cake Bolu. Resep Bolu Kukus Rainbow Necessary ingredient in making Recipes Simple Baked Chocolate Cake Bolu

    3 1/2 ounces of flour
    3/8 kg of refined sugar
    Cocoa powder 1/2
    1/4 kg of butter
    2 small packs of vanilla
    1/2 tbsp ovalet
    5 tablespoons of powdered milk white
    12 eggs

The equipment needed to make the Easy Bake Chocolate Recipes Bolu

    Pan size
    A medium-size bowl

How to create a Soft Baked Chocolate Recipes Bolu

    Break the eggs, then separated between the egg white and yolk. To place the egg whites in the bowl, while the yolk remains in the shell.
    Enter powdered sugar, vanilla, ovalet, and butter into the basin. Then mixer at high speed for 10 minutes until the dough expands.
    After that, put the egg yolks one by one into the batter, stirring continuously. Stir well.
    Then enter the flour little by little to mix evenly.
    insert the white powder milk and cocoa powder into the batter. Stir back.
    For egg whites that have been separated in mixer until fluffy. Then enter the egg white mixture into the dough basin being dimixer. Stir for 10 minutes until fluffy.
    Put the mixture into the baking dish that has been prepared. Then bake at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius oven for approximately 10 minutes.
    Once cooked, Lift Bolu Brown Bake soft. Cool briefly and then cut into pieces and serve with your dear family Chocolate Recipes Baked Bolu Simple and Delicious.

Chicken Recipe Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica

Nusantara cuisine dishes originating from the city of Manado is very interested in the people of Indonesia. Resep Ayam Rica-rica is typical of Manado cuisine that has spread throughout the corners of the archipelago. This time, we will share Rica-Rica Recipe Chicken with Spicy Seasoning delights. For those of you who like spicy sensation of a dish, it is suitable to try this recipe at home. For the culinary connoisseur who has tastes sweet or savory dishes without spicy, can also try this recipe Rica-Rica without using Spicy Seasoning.

The uniqueness of Ayam Rica-Rica has a distinctive taste and is very pronounced its spices that create a sense of sweet and savory special. Resep Semur Ayam How to make Ayam Rica-Rica is quite easy and is made from food ingredients that can easily be obtained.

Tongue tastes of Indonesian people have in common is a sense like dishes that highlight its spices, so no wonder many eating places that peddle chicken dishes Rica-Rica. Innovation or creativity flavor combined with our tastes can be created senikmat possible. Resep Opor Ayam This time we will present the Rica-Rica Recipe Chicken with Spicy Seasoning delights, especially for you fans of spicy culinary. As for the material and the way of making chicken Rica-Rica that we pack in Chicken Recipes Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica the following:

Materials Rica-Rica Chicken Spicy Seasoning:

    1 whole chicken was (cut into pieces)
    Water (to taste)
    Cooking oil (to taste)
    2 stalks lemongrass (crushed / dikeprek)
    8 lime leaves (remove the fishy)
    Sugar, salt and flavorings (to taste)

Fine seasoning Rica-Rica Chicken Spicy Seasoning:

    20 red chili sauce
    8 large red chilies
    4 cloves garlic
    4 pieces of onion

How to Make Chicken Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica:

    Clean the chicken and cut into pieces.
    Heat enough oil in a frying pan, and fry the chicken until half yellowish (do not get yellow) then remove and drain.
    Then heat the oil in a skillet taste that will be used for sauteing and stir-fry all the spices, sugar, salt, and flavorings to taste (stir) then enter the chicken and stir until evenly cover chicken seasoning.
    The last step, add enough water, lemongrass, ginger and lime leaves stir until evenly distributed. Wait until the chicken is cooked and the flavors mingle, then lift and serve on a beautiful plate and garnish with red chili chunks cut flowers and 2 lime leaves to make it look appetizing. Chicken Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica ready to serve.

Good luck with your family or your colleagues, and enjoy the sensation of sweet spicy Chicken Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica made your own. Resep Ayam Bakar Kecap For those of you who might want to try mebuat archipelago other recipes, visit our previous recipe Recipe Iga Bakar Madu no less delicious. Thus How to Create and Chicken Recipe Spicy Seasoning Rica-Rica can we present practical for you the culinary connoisseur.

Grilled Chicken Recipe Spicy Sweet

Hearing those words certainly grilled chicken is imagined our minds is something that is tasty and delicious. How no one's diet is one of the favorite menu throughout the corners Indosesia. Resep Ayam Bakar The food that makes us more eager to eat more than Poris biyasanya. This time I will sedikti mberikan bit inofrmasi for the mother-housewife who would like to cook on How to Make Grilled Chicken Spicy Sweet Yang Enak that might be one of the special dishes for your loved ones at home.

So that we do not widen discussion everywhere let us just enter the main kepembahasan us about How to Make Spicy Chicken Grill Mansi Yang Enak. Resep Ayam Kalasan Please observe the steps below

Grilled Chicken Seasoning Spicy Sweet Yang Enak:

    1 whole chicken, cut into 4 pieces
    2 bay leaves
    3 tablespoons soy sauce
    3 eyes tamarind squeezed a little hot water
    300 ml of water

Fine seasoning Grilled Chicken Spicy Sweet Yang Enak:

    4 red onions
    3 cloves garlic
    8 curly red chilies
    ½ teaspoon coriander
    1 cm turmeric
    2 cm ginger
    2 cm galangal
    1½ tsp salt
    1 tsp sugar

How to Make Sweet Spicy Chicken Grill Yang Enak:

    Marinate chicken with seasoning mashed. Let stand for 30 minutes.
    Mix chicken marinated with water, bay leaves, soy sauce, and sour water.
    Cook until chicken is tender and the sauce thick, remove from heat.
    Grilled chicken while inverted forth until the surface is rather dry.
    Remove and serve Grilled Chicken Seasoning Spicy Sweet soon

I, as the author admits is still a lot of shortcomings in the present and convey the information above, therefore I sagat-really hoping for a fill and constructive criticism from readers everything, Resep Ayam Bumbu Rujak so dikedepannya I can fix it and I can do better. Hopefully some of the above information can be useful for those of you who have read it. I Would Like To Express My Gratitude.

Practical Recipes Cooking Chicken Grill

Cooking actually easy if we know the ingredients, herbs and how to cook it, we live off my sense of what we want for the food. Resep Ayam Instead you always confused these days want to cook what? it seems this has often cook vegetables, cook these dishes almost every day? nah than you bored with the cuisine that's it, learn to cook online was with us here. Because we have been providing a lot of recipes, drinks, cakes and other culinary.

As in this article we will discuss a menu of dishes made from chicken, we often cook apoplexy by frying be our cook fried chicken or chicken by burning and be grilled chicken, um ... Resep Ayam Panggang it feels less special if the chicken is only made with such creations it was just, let's learn together with us to cook grilled chicken rica rica. Here are the steps that you can read and then you practice at home.

Ingredients / spices:

    1 whole chicken, cut into 8 pieces
    1 teaspoon lemon juice
    1 3/4 teaspoon salt
    4 lime leaves, boned
    2 stalks lemongrass, taken whiteness, crushed
    1/2 teaspoon sugar
    300 ml of water
    2 tablespoons cooking oil

Seasoning Blend Crude:

    6 red chilies
    8 red onions
    3 cloves garlic
    1 tomato
    2 cm ginger

How to make a roasted chicken and cook rica rica:

    The first step you coat the chicken with the use of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon salt. Then you let stand about 15 minutes.
    Furthermore, heat the oil for sauteing seasonings, stir-fry seasoning mashed rough, lime leaves, and lemongrass until fragrant tericum.
    Then enter the chicken. After that, stirring until it changes color. Then add the remaining salt, sugar and Stir. Beikurnya you pour the water. Allow to spices to infuse and thick gravy.
    Your last chicken grilled on a fire until fragrant.

A few rica rica grilled chicken recipe that you can serve for 8 servings, Resep Masakan Ayam hopefully you can easily understand the tutorial cook today from us and you can get one of our new recipes.

Recipe Fried Chicken Seasoning Yellow

Fried Chicken Seasoning Yellow is one of the creations of culinary dishes archipelago which is very famous throughout the entire country. Yellow Fried Chicken Seasoning is a dish that is very easy to make and do not need special skills in making this Yellow Fried Chicken Seasoning. Cara Membuat Ayam Goreng The Yellow Fried Chicken Seasoning has a taste that is very tasteful and very soft due to the manufacturing process combined with various spices that make this dish has a very special taste.

Ayam Goreng Bumbu Kuning village would be better if served as a hot or warm with warm rice and fresh vegetables plus chili as a companion Yellow Fried Chicken Seasoning. Resep Ayam Goreng Please refer to the following about how the appropriate steps in How to Make Fried Chicken Seasoning Yellow as follows:

Materials needed:

1 kg chicken (village), cut into pieces and wash
2 bay leaves
350 ml of water
To taste Cooking Oil

Seasoning mashed:

        8 red onions
        4 cloves garlic
        5 grains hazelnut
        3 cm turmeric
        1 cm ginger
        2 teaspoons coriander powder
        1 teaspoon tamarind chutney
        1 tablespoon sugar Java
        2 teaspoons salt
        1 stalk lemongrass

How to Make Fried Chicken Seasoning Yellow

     The first step is grab a pan and then take the chicken and the chicken and give input spice paste first, and do not forget to enter the bay leaves, then input (pour) water and stir stir until blended.
    For the next step, cook chicken until cooked and lo pan and when visible water is shrinking quickly remove and drain.
    For the last step, soon Fried Chicken that has been cooked in oil that has been heat until the chicken was overcooked (which is marked by the color of chicken which turned into amber) and the other is characteristic of mature chicken looks dry.
    Remove and serve with vegetables and sauce warm rice

Thus the discussion about Recipes How to Make Fried Chicken Seasoning typical Yellow Resep Masakan that if it can help you in serving a very nutritious and tasty without requiring special skills such as how to make it even easier and hopefully can help you as well.

Oreo Chocolate Pudding Recipe

The pudding is one of the lightest cake dish so much in demand because it has a flavor that is so unique and delicious. Resep Puding Oreo Creamy texture and taste which is so typical make pudding has a special attraction in the hearts of his fans that makes them always fall in love and want to devour every time I see this dish. Generally, pudding is often used as a dessert is presented in the form or shape of the glass pieces.

In addition, the unique shape and always teasing of each processed pudding make it always appear attractive and indh eye. So do not be surprised if the pudding will be much liked by children, variant colors, Resep Puding Santan forms and different flavors are so diverse make pudding never run out of ideas present form, taste and appearance are always new.

Well, one of the newest and pudding dish so special is the oreo chocolate pudding. Yes, oreo biscuit is so much have fans. In addition, these biscuits are also always presented special though processed into cakes of any kind, including with custard. Oreo chocolate pudding recipe, you can make at home with ease, because the material and the way dilakukanpun so easy to apply. Resep Puding Mangga Well, for those of you who have free time and want to practice the oreo chocolate pudding recipe that is delicious, then we see the recipes below.

Oreo Chocolate Pudding Ingredients

    1 bks chocolate flavored gelatin
    100 ml of sweetened condensed milk
    1 whole chicken egg yolk
    4 tablespoons granulated sugar
    700 ml of water
    oreo biscuit taste that only the black

Jelly Pudding Ingredients (for each layer)

    1 bks jelly powder chocolate flavor
    700 ml of water
    4 tablespoons sugar or to taste

How to Make Chocolate Oreo Pudding

1. The first step is to first prepare a saucepan, then enter all of oreo pudding ingredients, except the egg and set aside oreo first, then mix well.
2. Next, beat the egg yolks and enter into gelatin mixture and stir before becoming flat
3. Then bring to a boil, stirring, stirring, turn off the heat and pour the gelatin in a mold or small containers that have previously been given oreo biscuit that has been destroyed, put the biscuit in accordance with the desired amount.
4. For each layer of jelly pudding, mix all of the material of each layer and cook until boiling as we have done previously. Resep Puding Lift and pour over the previous layer, then continue with a layer as before and continue to continue the same method until exhausted.

How to Make Caramel Pudding Recipe

Many types of miscellaneous How to Make pudding that can dikreasikan, one flan. In addition to attractive appearance and tastes good, Resep Puding Cake flan also presents a variety of nutritional benefits, one of which is contained in sweetened condensed milk. In addition to the benefits there are things to consider is the amount of sugar in the manufacture of flan. Resep Puding Karamel For that in penyuguhan flan recipe to note the dose of sugar. Well, Here's how to make flan in Sarah Quin that you can try.

Caramel Pudding Ingredients:

    1 packet Agar
    5 tablespoons of condensed milk
    100 grams of sugar
    200 ml water

Material Karamel

    5 tablespoons of sugar for the caramel

How to make caramel: Boil less water. Add the sugar. Wait until the sugar has melted and creamy.
How to Make Caramel Pudding

    Boil water. Enter jelly and condensed milk. Stir until boiling.
    Prepare a baking sheet. Pour caramel. After that, pour the gelatin on top of the caramel.

How to make caramel custard easy is not it? Especially here disediain measures coherently flan recipe so it will be easy for you to practice your own home. Enough 2 step can enjoy the flan. Resep Puding Roti There is also How to Make Milk pudding that you can try because the nutritional content in them is good enough for children.

Simple Milk Pudding Recipe with Fruit

Perhaps desserts this one is not very popular in Indonesia. Yes, because the habits of the people of our country kebanyakaan after eating does not end with eating desert. Resep Puding Buah But if friends know milk pudding recipe is one of the most popular desserts in the world. Did friends how to make milk pudding that was very simple and the ingredients it needs too easily we get without having to spend big. There are several types of pudding which we are familiar, such as chocolate milk pudding, milk pudding strawberry milk cheese or pudding. But among all the pudding recipe above, the easiest is made simple white milk pudding with fruit pieces like below.

Indeed, some of us have become accustomed to eating fruit pudding, chocolate pudding, bread pudding or custard cheese as a dessert, but most still menggapnya just as snacks for children or snacks only. Resep Puding Cokelat This can be characterized by many food manufacturers that make milk pudding recipe strawberries or chocolate milk pudding which we easily met in the shop minimart shop or near the house.

And if friends know, milk pudding recipe is not only suitable for desserts or snacks, but also know there are many benefits for health. Although fairly easy way of making pudding, Resep Puding Susu pudding cake turns also useful to expedite the process of metabolism of the body after receiving food and also can cleanse our colon from dirty leftover food intake because the number of fibers in the bladder agar agar used as the main ingredient pudding.

As well as jelly, milk pudding most delicious when eaten in cold conditions. This is because the nature and somewhat chewy texture so that it can cool down our throat, especially after eating a spicy meal or contain coconut milk. Indeed, many variations of pudding recipes circulating in our communities, such as pudding silk, puyo pudding, milk pudding ureo or the other. Resep Puding Busa But for friends who do not have too much time, white milk pudding recipe is the most simple and easy way to make it. Ingredients to make even a very simple and easy once we were looking for. For more details, please see the details of the pudding recipe below.

Milk Pudding Recipe Ingredients White Simple

    Like the other pudding recipe, the main ingredient needed is so that the white one pack only. Use a good brand so that the results are good and the texture is also good.
    Liquid white milk ultra high temperature or UHT milk also called white of approximately one pack (1 liter size).
    Could also use plain UHT milk that do not really like sweet.
    Sugar white sand of approximately 3 large spoon or tablespoon. Can be reduced or increased to make sense of the pudding according to taste.
    Ripe fresh water of approximately 3 cups of regular size. Use water at room temperature or plain water, not cold water.
    For additional ingredients to enhance the appearance and add aroma and flavor, friends can prepare a small spoon or food flavorings esen with almond flavor or other flavors and a few pieces of canned fruit (cocktail) and nata de coco (can be white or colored) ,

How to Make Fruit Milk Pudding

    Prepare a container for boiling or medium-size saucepan.
    Add the sugar white sand and so agarnya. Stir briefly stir until well blended.
    Enter the sweetness of the condensed milk and stir stir again so that there are no lumps.
    Pour the UHT milk that has been prepared and stir stir again so that all the ingredients are well blended and no lumps are not blob.
    Enter mature clean water that has been prepared in advance and then stir stir again so that all the ingredients are well blended.
    Turn on the stove over medium heat and cook until boiling. Remember, keep milk pudding mixture stirred stirring until cooked so that all ingredients are well blended and not sticky to the place.
    After boiling for a while, remove and let stand briefly (for about 4-5 minutes).
    Enter esen flavorings or food that has been prepared in a pan on top. Stir stir again so esen blended with other ingredients and let stand briefly.
    Prepare pudding mold that will be used and enter the solution after the above pudding feels a bit cold.
    Insert pieces of fruit cocktail and nata decoco into it. Could partly submerged and partly above topping whole effort seem more attractive and inviting taste.
    Let stand again until it has fully cooled and hardened puddings and pudding ready to serve. Better after a cold, pudding briefly put into the refrigerator to make it more palatable.

How do friends how to make milk pudding fruit above? Is quite simple and not too hard instead. Time used to make milk pudding recipe is also very most only about 10-15 minutes. Cara Membuat Puding Friends could replace food flavorings used with other flavor or topping replaced with fresh fruit or the other according to taste. In addition to save more and make your own pudding definitely more healthful because the materials used really fresh and good quality ingredients. For another dessert recipe ideas, please try Recipes To order Santan and Chocolate Pudding Recipe.

How to Make Delicious Recipes Rice

If you are bored with plain white rice can try the delicious nasi lemak. Nasi lemak is a typical Malay food, especially for the country of Malaysia. Resep Nasi Lemak How to create a fat rice is easy because the manufacturing process is similar to the recipe how to make delicious tasty coffè. Actually nasi lemak is almost similar to coffè terms of taste as equally processed with coconut milk.

Rice fats can be found not only in Malaysia but also countries like Singapore and Brunei. Most of Indonesia also exist that are used to create nasi lemak which is on the border of Malaysia precisely in Riau so that it can be said increasingly global nasi lemak slowly.

Later in quin sarah will be distributed how the processing of nasi lemak start of the material needed to make nasi lemak way. Resep Nasi Gurih When examined at the beginning of side dishes that accompany rice fat tend to be simple like fried egg and anchovy sauce but over time the development and creativity of nasi lemak sellers so lauknya modified to be more enjoyable, for example, just chicken and beef liver. From the lingering lets see how fat rice recipe with a variety of complementary lauknya.


    1 ½ cup rice
    3 cup milk, 1 piece of coconut
    2 pandan leaves, shredded and then roll your own one, it could be tied
    2 cm ginger, crushed
    3 cloves garlic, crushed
    1 teaspoon salt

Lauk Pauk choice

    Fried chicken or curry
    Fried Beef Liver
    Fried anchovies
    Eggs (can be processed into any)
    Roasted peanut

How to Make Nasi Lemak in Rice Cooker

    Combine all ingredients except rice. Stir well.
    Clean rice repeatedly until clean.
    Pour all the ingredients and rice into the rice cooker. In order to be absorbed evenly stir up together with the rice. Wait until cooked.
    Add to the side dishes.

For side dishes actually flexible, you can collaborate with a side dish to your taste. Enjoyment of processed rice can also be found in the recipe how to make a delicious yellow rice and a recipe how to make rice bogana. Resep Nasi Ayam Hopefully the pleasure of rice ala Malaysia can be a breakfast menu selection you all with the family at home.

Easy Delicious Recipes Rice Kebuli

Rice is a food nuanced Kebuli Arab Middle East. Kebuli rice, composed of rice that has been flavored savory flavor because beforehand. Resep Nasi Kebuli Then, it will also include raisins and goat meat is cooked also in conjunction with the rice.

Kebuli rice recipe is also widely served and offered in the restaurant-restaurant selling typical Indian food. Resep Nasi Bakar Characteristic flavor contained in rice savory taste Kebuli is because cooked using coconut milk, also various kinds of fragrant aroma produced from a variety of spices to make Nasi Kebuli.


    1 kg of rice
    ½ kg mutton bones are still young
    3 tablespoons raisins
    3 tablespoons fried onions
    2 tablespoons cumin oil
    1 teaspoon salt
    1 cinnamon stick
    4 seed cloves
    ½ nutmeg
    2 pieces of delicate flowers
    2 cardamom pods
    2 stalks lemongrass
    5 lime leaves
    2 bay leaves
    1500 ml coconut milk being kentalnya
    Oil and salt to taste

Ground spices:

    3 cloves garlic
    5 spring onions
    1 tbsp coriander
    1 teaspoon cumin
    ½ teaspoon anise
    4 cm turmeric
    2 cm ginger

How to make

    Saute ground spices along with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, delicate flower, cardamom, lemon grass, lime leaves, bay leaves and salt until fragrant and cooked.
    Enter the goat meat, and cook until the meat changes color, enter the rice.
    Saute along with the spices until fragrant, put raisins and coconut milk, reduce heat, and cook until it becomes karonan.
    Turn off the heat, lift karonan, steamed for 45 minutes, remove from heat and add the cumin oil, mix well. Serve.

Rice Kebuli already delicious if you eat directly without the use of additional side dish again because it already contained raisins and goat meat. Resep Nasi Uduk Delicious taste and suitable dilidah Indonesian people make rice Kebuli so many fans, good luck making himself so at home!.

Fried Rice recipe Very Simple

There are many versions of how to create a simple fried rice and remains special. Among other things hongkong special, simple, shrimp, anchovies, seafood fried rice very spicy mother can make, Resep Nasi Goreng but it's all made based on the basic recipe like this. Fried rice recipes all different, all that is written above it there is usually little difference in different names. The second recipe will discuss a simpler version, which is certainly not difficult to make and the way the goods will be fast, because the mother must have had a very limited time, so choosing fast food. Resep Nasi It only took a few steps, the reader has completed this fried rice recipe perfectly. If you do not believe you can check our recipe. Also read hongkong fried rice recipe here.

Indonesian version of fried rice is fried rice like other dishes in Indonesian cuisine. Everyone certainly has its own version to make fried rice. However, all the main ingredients are there must be the same. Resep Nasi Kuning Such materials include: chili, onion, garlic, soy sauce, shrimp paste. Of course rice or rice and other pengenak ie chicken fried rice, crackers, onion, chips, fried egg, cucumber and tomato slices. There are several versions of fried rice at a luxury hotel has satay, fried chicken and peanut sauce. Cara Membuat Nasi Goreng All of it is a common dish that is very easy at present, but still very special to enjoy. Please read right recipe how to make a very simple fried rice us.

Its main ingredients and seasoning are:

    1 serving of white rice or white rice 1 plate
    1 egg
    2 spring onions, thinly sliced ​​once
    1 clove garlic, thinly sliced ​​once
    5 pieces of cayenne pepper
    Half teaspoon of pepper powder
    Soy sauce to taste any brand
    Salt to taste

How to make a simple fried rice:

1. First saute onion and garlic, stir and then enter the chili.
2. Then you can insert the next hen's egg, lau stir-stir briefly.
3. Enter the rice, and stir until well blended with spices and eggs.
Last 4.Yang add salt, pepper, and soy sauce. Then you can taste if something is missing, then add according to taste

Fast-food dishes like fried rice simple is very appropriate for breakfast, and at the same time in a hurry, and easy way to make it. Resep Nasi Liwet Cause to be quick but we need power to be able to indulge. And thus had the recipe and ways menbuat simple fried rice. Good luck and thank you.

Sponge Cake recipe Delicious

You must have been very familiar with sponge cake. Sponge cake is one of the basic pie or cake base to make the cake. Texture of sponge cake is so soft and smooth making it very suitable if combined with a cake. Reseo Sponge Cake became the choice of many people to entertain guests in a variety of events. A matter of taste, generally made of sponge cake is not too sweet. It is intended to make it fit if combined with sweet cream.

How do I make a sponge cake? To make the sponge cake we recommend to use eggs that have not been stored in the refrigerator / freezer. Because it will make a pie expands maximum. Resep Cup Cake While the ratio of egg yolk and egg white is 2: 1. Sponge cake also does not require a lot of flour. Let us consider just a delicious sponge cake recipe below. Do not forget to record all of the ingredients and how. Because we will share the recipe sponge cake and guidance on how to make it.


    5 egg whites
    10 egg yolks
    15 g cornstarch
    75 g protein flour low / medium
    150 g margarine / butter, melted
    125 grams of sugar (preferably crushed first so that the texture of the cake becomes soft and can easily be mixed).
    2 tablespoons gr cake emulsifier (material that is easy to use is the TBM or ovalet that often exist in the market).

How to Make Sponge Cake:

    Sugar, eggs and emulfisier put in one container. Then whipped until fluffy and white color.
    Then enter the flour and cornstarch in small increments. (First sifted cornstarch).
    Then enter the baking powder and stir until blended.
    Enter butter that has been melted. Stir by inverting so that the dough does not precipitate.
    Then put the dough into the pan measuring 24x24 cm. But before that, a baking sheet covered with parchment paper that has been smeared with liquid margarine.
    Bake in oven for 25 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.
    To know is ripe or not, Resep Cake puncture with a stick. If there is no cake sticking means is ripe.
    Remove from oven and cool.
    Garnish with your taste respectively.

To make the perfect cake and a maximum inflate, the dough should not be too long ignored. Resep Rainbow Cake When finished making dough, baked in the oven as soon as possible. Note also the temperature in the oven. Good luck andaGood luck. That recipe sponge cake from us. If you've tried it, please share your experiences in the comments field. Listen to continue Hnazarian to get a variety of simple and tasty recipes.

How to Make Cheese Cake Recipe

Make friends who like snacking and love with the taste of a savory cheese, of course, already know how to taste the delicacy and softness of Cheese Cake. Yes, not only adults, soft cake with the aroma and flavor of this cheese is strong enough also liked by children. Resep Cheese Cake Besides the delicious taste and soft when chewed, aroma and taste of cream cheese cake is also terrible in our tongue. Make friends who live in Jakarta or other big cities, must have often heard the harvest delicacy cheese cake or cheesecake factory jakarta. But the theme of friends already know yet, it turns soft cake how to make it quite easy and simple, you know how to make it. In fact we can make soft cheese cake recipes without using the oven.

As we already know, the children also like the kind of soft cake with cream cheese this. One manufacturer of snacks children carefully menyingkapi this by issuing hawker cheese cake which ternyat quite get a positive response, not only from even my own children were also often buy it. Resep Cake Tiramisu recipe may indeed less popular with the other cake recipes, such as tiramisu cake, cake brownies, rainbow cake, layer cake recipe Surabaya or other. But if the problem flavors, cake with cream cheese is not less tasty and delicious, you know.

In some restaurant or famous pastry shop, such as harvest, cake factory or another is providing cheese cake which we can easily buy. But of course, if every day we buy it would be very wasteful our finances instead. Actually, how to make cheese cake is not too hard. Resep Cake Keju The origin of materials and used precise composition and understand tips to make cheese cake recipe right, friends certainly can make yourself at home. In addition to baked goods, there was also a cheese cake recipe steamed know which way makes it very easy and simple. But this time we will learn to make cake cream cheese that dipanggan first. Hopefully the next time we peel steamed version as well.

Of course, even how to make cheese cake is easy and simple enough, there are some things that friends should take note that the results will this be really soft and perfect despite the fact that one type of cake is not the kind of cake that adonanannya expand when baked. For roasting process, preferably friends did not set the oven temperature is too high so that really cooked perfectly. Resep Cake Cokelat Unlike cake with a soft texture to another, shaking his eggs and cream cheese should not be the same so that the texture of the cake later on was not hard partially or also known as sodden cake. Moreover once mature do not immediately released, let it cool in the oven and then put it in the closet pengingin make it more palatable. Okay, for more details, please see the cheese cake ingredients are needed and how to make it at the bottom.

Ingredients Recipe Simple Soft Cheese Cake

    As with other soft cake recipe, the main ingredient needed is flour that has a lower protein content of approximately 130 grams. If necessary sifted flour beforehand so really smooth.
    Shaped cream cheese or commonly known as cream cheese good quality of approximately 200 grams. Friends can buy or make it yourself at home.
    Large-size chicken egg of approximately 5 points.
    Sugar white or slightly yellow good quality of approximately 200 grams. Do not use the yellow sugar cane aroma bad because it can damage the taste of his cake cheese cake.
    Unsalted Butter or also known as unsalted butter of approximately 130 grams.
    Parmesan cheese or cheese hard to strengthen its aroma and flavor of cheese of approximately 1 tablespoon.
    Liquid milk of approximately 160 ml alone.
    Iodized salt to taste or approximately half a small spoon.
    Paper bread taste to the base of the pan.
    Aluminum foil pan to coat the outside of disassembly.

Easy Ways to Make Cheese Cake

    The first step is to melt or liquefy the butter bargaining by heating up the liquid.
    Prepare one place and pour the flour and unsalted butter that has been thawed. Stir stir until all ingredients are well blended.
    Boil briefly until hot liquid milk and put cream cheese that has been prepared. Lightly beaten both the material.
    Enter the chicken eggs and iodized table salt, which had been prepared batter into the first three ingredients and beat until fluffy half.
    Enter permesan sugar and cheese that has been prepared in flour and egg batter above. Whisk all ingredients until fluffy back.
    Mix the flour dough and cheese cake stir it and stir until all ingredients are well blended true.
    Prepare a baking sheet that will be used and give the base with baking paper and aluminum foil inner to the outer layers 2-3 that does not leak.
    Enter cheese cake batter into it and put it back into the pan to which water is regular.
    Put it in the oven and set the temperature should not be too hot, or about 155-165 centigrade for 37-43 minutes.
    Once the cake baked, not removed first, and allow to cool slightly in the oven.
    Once cool, remove baking sheet and put in the refrigerator for a while before removing from pan disassembly in order not to be damaged.

How do friends how to make cheese cake recipe above? Maybe for friends who have never tried it seems rather difficult. Cara Membuat Cake But if you've done is quite easy and simple, you know. The use of pan disassembly is very necessary in order to easily remove the cake and to prevent cake cheese cake texture damaged given a very soft texture.

How to Make Banana Cake recipe Delicious

Banana Cake is a cake or cake made from cake mix conduction material as well as its other good cake recipe of flour, Resep Banana Cake sugar and butter difference is only by mixing bananas into his cake adds taste and gently into the cake certainly gives a sense of sweet. material is also very easy banana cake found in pastry shops and its own banana is free to use any bananas may however be more comfortable and better if you are using plantain as cake mix.

Although the banana cake recipe has been known as a banana sponge cake that has long existed since time immemorial precisely in the Dutch colonial era, but it did not change until now still pleasant, soft and sticky. Resep Cake Kukus during colonial era cake is often in the Dutch eat breakfast together as a family. but at that time the Indonesian people can not feel the gentle da legitnya banana sponge cake of this dutch. well now it has modern versatile and easy so everyone is free to eat and make it without any restrictions. Resep Cake Pisang is also now very popular in Indonesia is not just for breakfast cake can also be served anytime and anywhere for a relaxing time, chatting with loved ones at home.

Banana Cake Ingredients:

5 large-size banana free, I use plantain
1/4 kg of flour
200 grams of margarine, melted
200 grams of white sugar
6 eggs
5 tablespoons of milk powder
1/4 tablespoon baking powder

How to Make Banana Cake:

1. Peel the bananas first his and her smooth until creamy and smooth (bananas do not seem rude). set aside.
2. Beat all the eggs together with the sugar until thick and fluffy average. enter a banana that has been refined into beaten egg. The next step first live mix well.
3. Add the baking powder and milk powder, stir briefly and pour the flour into the egg mixture. stir again until evenly and smooth.
4. Enter the margarine that has been in the melt. stir well to the bottom of the dough so that the butter was left on the bottom of the container.
5. Prepare a baking dish large or medium size, spread with margarine and line with baking paper pad wear. The next direct pour the cake batter into the pan. further flatten his first batter before in the roast.
6. Bake in the oven at a high temperature of about 180-200 degrees Celsius until cooked about 10 minutes.
7. Refrigerate briefly to prevent overheating. Serve.

To ensure the mature or not to use a stick and try to stick to the dala cake if no sticky dough on lidinya you can remove and serve her banana cake.

Recipe Cake Donuts Classic Padded

Padded classic donut recipe below is a donut which of course are all already knew where cake made from flour, sugar, and butter has a distinctive shape that is round with an empty hole in the middle. This classic donut also called the village making donuts by frying in hot oil.

Cake donut itself is a dish that has long been known that coming from Europe. Even gave there is a story that says that the origin of the donut-shaped ring created Danish ship captain named Hanson Gregory. Resep Donat Kampung The captain often had to drive the boat with both hands because boats are often hit by hurricanes. Fried cakes are eaten while being inserted into the steering wheel to drive the ship, so that the cake be perforated. Incidentally the center of the cake too often immature, so that the donuts deliberately perforated in the center so that the surface is exposed to oil increases donuts and donut precocious.

Donut recipe below is a classic donut fried then served with a garnish of refined sugar as a topping. Resep Donat We have had many different variations and creations donuts from the donut donuts baked and roasted to varying bariasi main materials used such as potatoes and yams or also by replacing donut toppings with various hiasa that besides looks interesting also tastes very delicious.

Let's look at its own steps to create a donut following. Resep Donat Goreng May the successful preparation and the finished cake donuts can be a delicious dish special moments and events while relaxing with your family.

    The main ingredient:
    - 500 grams of high-protein wheat flour
    - 160 ml of liquid milk
    - 2 eggs
    - 1 tea spoon of salt
    - 4 tablespoons unsalted butter
    - Solid oil for frying

    Prickly material:
    - 200 ml of warm liquid milk
    - 50 grams of high-protein flour
    - 20 grams of fresh yeast
    - 4 teaspoons of sugar

    - 250 grams of sugar donuts

    How to make donuts:
    1. First we process the material heat, mix fresh yeast with warm milk. Stir well.
    2. Then add the flour and sugar and then stir well. Let stand 20 minutes until frothy. Set aside.
    3. Thereafter, mix the flour, milk, eggs, and source material. Knead until smooth.
    3. Add salt and unsalted butter. Knead until elastic. Let stand 30 minutes.
    4. dough. Weigh 30 grams each. Round it off. Let stand 10 minutes.
    5. Flatten the dough. Punch a hole through the middle. Put in a baking dish that has been sown wheat flour. Let stand 40 minutes until fluffy.
    6. Fry the donuts in oil that has been heated over low heat until cooked. Drain.
    7. Finally. before serving, roll the donuts into the sugar donut.

Thus donut recipes that can be posted at this time. Resep Donat Empuk Do not forget to come visit back to see the various recipes of cakes and confectionary dish was delicious and interesting only in this blog.

JCO Donuts Recipe Making Soft Easy

JCO certainly hear the words you have in your shadow is pretty donuts and soft instead? JCO was already famous donuts where-where. even so donuts JCO is not arbitrary in the sale, because the donuts JCO is a famous brand of donut class with Dunkin donuts. As for the difference between JCO and donuts Dunkin donuts, donut JCO if he has a soft texture and hollow.

While the dunkin donuts tend to have a soft texture and dense. but all equally delicious anyway, suitable if presented as a full breakfast menu if in a pinch and do not have a long time to prepare a full breakfast menu. Resep Donat Jco in addition you can also enjoy a donut Ala JCO as a friend you relax with a glass of warm sweet tea or coffe various preferences. JCO and dunkin donuts donuts are usually presented or sold in conter-conter are usually hung in a mall.

The price offered also vary depending toping used. but usually for a dozen donuts appreciated JCO twenty six thousand dollars for a dozen donuts JCO. if for dunkin donuts we think the price is also quite similar, you just select the donut where you will enjoy because all good. Resep Donat Kentang this time we will not discuss about prescription-style donut dunkin donuts, but we will discuss thoroughly the complete JCO style donuts for you.

Even if you can see the business opportunities around your home, you can try hawking donuts JCO you make extra income to help the family. waw, will be added in dear husband about this critanya deh heheheh. so, for the mother-mother at home who are fond of making a cake donut recipe not to miss this JCO deh. Cara Membuat Donat to more clearly from the materials that are needed along the way make it please refer to the article the recipe below.

A material JCO Donuts Easy Soft:

    Komachi Japanese wheat flour or wheat flour 225 gram disc
    Instant yeast 7 g
    1/8 teaspoon fine salt
    150 milli liters of clean water

Material B JCO Donuts Easy Soft:

    Komachi Japanese wheat flour or wheat flour 50 gram disc
    Full cream milk powder 15 gram
    White butter 30 grams
    30 grams sugar
    1 egg (Shaken loose)

How to Make Easy Soft JCO Donuts:

    First of all mix all the ingredients A into one, stir until blended using a mixer at low speed.
    Having considered all of the ingredients have been thoroughly blended, leave the dough for 90 minutes and cover tightly with a clean cloth. aims to perfect the dough can expand.
    If it had been 90 minutes, add the ingredients into a dough donut B A, knead until the dough becomes elastic.
    After that, allow more dough that has been blended for 15 minutes and cover again with a clean cloth.
    Then take the dough and pipihkan up to a thickness of 1 centimeter with a rolling pin or bottle, then let stand for 10 minutes.
    Now it's time we make a donut shape of donut dough using a mold. but if you do not have mold, you can shape it by hand.
    After that prepare a lot of cooking oil in the frying pan by using a small flame.
    If it had been hot fill and fry donuts donuts until done. remove and drain.
    Recipe Making Soft Easy JCO Donuts ready to serve.

Finish, indeed if the original donut recipe using flour JCO Komachi Japanese, but the material is quite difficult to obtain. Resep Rendang Sapi so you can replace it with flour chakra, to make it more convenient and practical. for toping, you can own creations to your taste. such as chocolate, cheese, meises, peanut, almond and so forth.

In order donuts JCO that you create can last a long time, you can save donuts JCO in the refrigerator. nah that's ingredients and how to make its donuts JCO Soft, pretty easy right? Well even if you have to be patient when waiting for the silence dough, but you would feel happy if you make donuts JCO perfectly good. yasudah and create their own good luck with JCO Donuts Recipe Make Easy Soft's home well.

Maryam Bread Recipe courtesy

Maryam bread, some of us certainly are familiar at all with this bread. especially food lovers are not necessarily familiar even know how bread recipe and how to make bread maryam maryam. Maryam bread is a bread-type food. This bread in general is food that comes from the middle east. Resep Roti Maryam bread is made such that by using a flour and then in the form of rounded and layered. This bread is perfect and indeed serve as a companion goulash.

Even eat it was a very unique way, we rarely see another case like bread in general. maryam usually torn bread then the bread to scoop up goulash functioned so it steady once. Resep Kue Enjoy this bread is deliberately not use a knife or fork as less afdol. is not why those who like to use it. however, it is good indeed directly using hand it will be felt the thrill and delights of this unique maryam bread.

In addition maryam bread recipe is very well suited for the longer served if ria relax, enjoy the scenery and our daily activities. but even so it is not uncommon also people presenting at formal occasions so suitable in different situations.

Well, for that we will try to share how the recipe and how to make bread soft maryam soft and tasty, certainly very interesting and this is already in the later-later to earlier. although the friends can buy it in the nearby shops for bread that is so. Resep Roti Kukus however, it would be more creative of our own.

How to Make Bread Maryam

    Prepare a place to mix several ingredients such as cooking oil, two egg yolks and 2 whole eggs and then add water and stir until well blended.
    For stirring can also use a whisk to more easily and quickly mixed with average.
    Furthermore, high protein flour, salt and milk powder in put and stirred while diuleni until the dough is smooth.
    Then make the dough stage is to divide the dough average approximately 50 grams and round it off. At the top of the ready-made dough circle can be given or smeared with oil.
    Then the dough is allowed to stand approximately one hour and closed with a clean towel.
    When it is allowed to stand next batter rolled up thin and elongated oval shape so it is easy to set up.
    The dough can be formed into a long roll conical shaped up.
    Let stand again briefly and milled again until reaching a thickness of approximately 1/2 cm.
    The next stage of the frying pan, heat the oil in the frying pan over medium heat, fry could be advised to use a griddle or teflon. Gorenglah finished dough until cooked indicator that can be seen from a slightly brownish color.
    When it is cooked can be raised and ornamental give toppings as you wish.
    The bread can be served.

Thus bread recipe tips maryam maryam manner that is easy to make bread so that it can quickly in practice at home for a meal. Resep Roti Jala bread suitable also made breakfast when they feel hungry so that it can create block the stomach when the dishes and side dishes are still immature. may be useful and good luck.

Sweet Bread recipe Ala Breadtalk

Sweet bread textured soft and gentle like a la Breadtalk indeed tempting. Moreover, when given with various contents that can be adjusted according to taste. By making your own, of course it can be done. Resep Roti Manis That must be considered, to make bread soft and gentle, when temperatures are baking and dough texture must be considered, in addition to about any material used and the proportion. Here's a recipe that you must follow.

Keep in mind that the process of making dough from bread recipe sweet style soft padded Breadtalk various contents long enough. It aims to get the texture of the dough was perfect. Similarly, when you apply the soft sweet bread recipe content of raisins and soft sweet bread recipes (basic making sweet bread). Both the sweet bread recipe also has a taste that is not less tasty. Resep Martabak Tahu Similarly, a sweet bread recipe form sticks and soft sweet bread recipe various contents.

Dry matter:

- High protein wheat flour: 1 kilogram.
- Refined sugar: 225 grams.
- Instant Yeast: 20 grams.
- Milk powder: 50 grams.
- Salt: 15 grams.

Wet ingredients:

- Bread improver: 5 grams.
- Bread emulsifier: 10 grams.
- Fresh milk: 200 grams.
- Egg yolks: 100 grams (approximately yolks of 6 eggs).
- Margarine: 100 grams.
- Butter: 100 grams.
- Water Ice: 350 milliliters.

How to make sweet bread ala Breadtalk soft padded various contents:
- Put all the dry ingredients into the container, stir until well blended.
- Add emulsifier and improver, stir until well blended.
- Little by sediki while stirring using a mixer (speed gradually from low to moderate), enter the liquid milk, egg yolk and water. Stir with a mixer until dough is smooth texture and a half.
- Enter the butter, butter, and salt, stirring until dough is smooth, turn off the mixer.
- Cover the dough with a damp cloth, leave until fluffy (for 20 minutes).
- Dough that has been expanding, Resep Martabak Mesir to batter each weighing 40 grams (according to taste depends on the size of the size of bread you want to make), let stand again until fluffy (for 30 minutes to 1 hour).
- Shape the dough that has been inflated to shape according to taste.
- Fill with various contents that have been prepared, rub the top with egg yolk.
- Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees Celsius until cooked (for 15 minutes), remove from heat.
- Arrange in a serving container, sweetbreads a la Breadtalk soft padded various contents ready to be served. Consider also other recipes, such as bugis delicious cake recipe is simple and fresh fruit pickle recipes.